The HIV pandemic is a worldwide public-health problem. At the end of 2008 there were an estimated 850 000 people infected with HIV in western and central Europe and  25 656 new cases were reported by the countries of the EU and EEA in 2008.

The most commonly used and widely accessible diagnostic tests rely on the presence of HIV antibodies. Seroconversion, however, can take up to six months which prevents the early detection of the infection. Moreover, newborns cannot be tested with these methods due to maternal antibodies masking their true HIV status.

The CAPHIV project aims at developing a quick and automatic biosensor that targets the detection of a protein produced in the early stages of the disease and not that of an antibody. The device is expected to diagnose the disease within two weeks of the infection. The applied technology is to reduce measurement time and reduce costs associated with HIV testing.

The consortium guarantees complementary and synergistic business interests, ensuring a rapid and dynamic route of the technology to the market.

 CONTRACT: 286798
 STARTED: 2011-09-01
 DURATION: 24 months
 STATUS: On-going