UNAIDS/WHO Policy statement on HIV testing
As access to antiretroviral treatment is scaled up in low and middle income countries, there is a critical opportunity to simultaneously expand access to HIV prevention, which continues to be the mainstay of the response to the HIV epidemic. Without
M9 technical project meeting
CapHIV M9 technical project meeting held in Barcelona SME project partner ABBCN took the role to host the following tech-meeting in the premises of ABBCN at UAB in Barcelona. ABBCN will be a supplier of antibodies to the capHIV device.
M6 project meeting
CapHIV M6 project meeting concluded in Lund, Sweden The meeting was organised on 27-28 February 2012 by CAPSENZE in the Chemical Center of the Lund University.
M3 Technical Project Meeting
M3 Technical Project Meeting in Germany The M3 capHIV project was hosted by LIONEX in Braunschweig on 28th November 2011. The market search was further elaborated and the system specification was concluded.