Birth control shot could increase HIV risk
Around 41 million women worldwide use the injectable form of hormonal contraception. According to a new study, however, this widely used form of birth control may increase women’s risk of becoming infected with HIV. A team of researchers from the
World Health Organization Data on HIV
WHO co-authored a new article published in the AIDS journal focusing on side effects associated with nevirapine and efavirenz, HIV drugs used in first-line antiretroviral therapy. Due to frequent side effects, they can cause significant patient morbidity and are a
Synergy with the FP7 ADITEC project
The ADITEC project (Advanced Immunization Technologies) is a collaborative research programme that aims to accelerate the development of novel and powerful immunisation technologies for the next generation of human vaccines. Scientists from 13 countries and 42 research partners collaborate in
To Keep A Child Alive
Access to AIDS treatment can transform the lives of people with AIDS, returning them from sickness to health. But only 54% of the 15 million people who desperately need treatment have access to it. Keep a Child Alive works to
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