Diagnostics Partnering Event on 11 September 2013 in Scotland

Life Science Scotland in association with the Enterprise Europe Network, are hosting a partnering event focussed on new collaborations related to in vitro Diagnostics and Sensors that underpin the development of new diagnostics tools and tests.  With a focus on the Sensors community as well, this meeting aims to facilitate the application of cutting edge Sensor technologies to in vitro Diagnostics development and vice versa.

Partnering is open to delegates with an interest in the development of new diagnostics tools and tests and with technology in the diagnostics and/or Sensors sectors.  The event will offer academic and company participants the opportunity to debate, collaborate and innovate with each other and discuss potential new products, technologies and services through individual meetings.

Locagtion of the event: IET Glasgow-Teachers Building, Glasgow 14 St Enoch, Square, Glasgow, Glasgow City G1 4DB